Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mini Haul

After finishing Uni for this year I'm now back working, and it seems no longer buying Tesco basics (ohhhh how this will return in September) has led me to well, go a little crazy!

The first thing I bought was this watch from River Island. It's similar to the Micheal Kors one I've been lusting over (right hand image), but at £24.99 instead of £200 an awful lot cheaper!

Next I picked up these shoes in New Look. I also have these in nude too, as they are honestly so comfy, and you can get away with wearing small socks with them on a night out (your feet will love you forever!). They were £19.99, which saying I paid £18 for nearly the same pair in Primark (which coincidently broke and I took them back, but this is a story for another time!) I don't feel is too expensive.

With this month's advantage bonuses Boots so kindly sent me was a £2 Revlon voucher. I got a Lipbutter in Creme Brulee (£7.99) and a Colourburst Lipgloss in Shade Bellini (£7.99), a lovely Nudey Peach, as I'm going to do a lipstick/gloss post soon I haven't swatched them. Plus my lips are dire at the minute!

I picked up these two in New Look. I love the skull earrings which were £2.99 and the necklace was reduced form £7.99 to £3. Bargain!

I got this free sample of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I have been wanting to try FOREVER with a voucher from the paper. I'll let you know my feelings when I've given it a proper trial.

Restocked on Mac Studio Fix Fluid (£19.50) and Studio Finish Concealer (£13.50) both in shade NW20.

Have any of you got any exciting new products? Or tried any of my new ones?

Suits you sir!

x Jaybelle x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Weekly Wishlist.

Too many pretty things! Appears I'm turning into a bit of make-up snob too (sob for the bank card!). The dress is for Loula's graduation, which should be a lovely day (n'awwww!)

Has anyone tried any of my wishlist products? If so what do you think?

x Jaybelle x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lipsmacking love for Lipsmackers!

I suffer with lips the river nile couldn't moistourise and so am always on the look out for a good lipbalm. Like many people i've snubbed the lipbalms on the till at primark, this was until i spotted they are petroleum free.

I bought the sprite flavour for £1. Still sceptical i tried it. This is the point where i had to well and truely eat my hat (and the box too!) as it is the best lipbalm i have ever tried, and I have prescriptive cream!

The colour is a sheer white and gives a subtle gloss.

(Excuse the lipstick round the edges - yum!)


  • Amazingly moisturising
  • Petroleum free
  • Range from £1 - £2 (depending if there on offer)
  • Nice and sheer


  • The taste could be better (because we all have a little try!)

Overall - 5/5

These are available in most primark stores and also on ebay - search for lipsmacker. I'm stocking up!

x Jaybelle x