Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lipsmacking love for Lipsmackers!

I suffer with lips the river nile couldn't moistourise and so am always on the look out for a good lipbalm. Like many people i've snubbed the lipbalms on the till at primark, this was until i spotted they are petroleum free.

I bought the sprite flavour for £1. Still sceptical i tried it. This is the point where i had to well and truely eat my hat (and the box too!) as it is the best lipbalm i have ever tried, and I have prescriptive cream!

The colour is a sheer white and gives a subtle gloss.

(Excuse the lipstick round the edges - yum!)


  • Amazingly moisturising
  • Petroleum free
  • Range from £1 - £2 (depending if there on offer)
  • Nice and sheer


  • The taste could be better (because we all have a little try!)

Overall - 5/5

These are available in most primark stores and also on ebay - search for lipsmacker. I'm stocking up!

x Jaybelle x

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