Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Brown to Blonde Transition.

I've had brown hair for around 3 years now, prior to this I'd always been blonde.

I went brown purely for a change, I was thoroughly bored of my blonde locks (which had gone brassy and platinum after too many highlights). This was around 3 years ago now, and I've loved my brown hair, it's been so much healthier and easier, as I can dye it myself.

BUT....for around 6 months now I've been lusting (to the point of obsession) over people with blonde hair again. And so yesterday, I took the first plunge. This is a post I've been wishing someone had already wrote, as I wanted to know the stages it would entail, and what each one would look like, and that's why I'm writing this. And also just for anyone who's vaguely interested!

Yesterday I had a full head of blonde highlights put through my medium brown (with red fading out) hair (yes, it was really a shade of orange, but I prefer to call it a copper tone!).

This is the result. At the minute I really don't like it. It's stripy (think the lovely hair many on Jeremy Kyle sport!), and neither brown nor blonde (YUM!). On the bright side it only has to stay this way for 5 weeks, then I'm returning for another full head of highlights - hopefully making it blonde.

It's got that distinct strawy feel I remember from before already, but the bleach has defiantly made my hair expand. So I may be a zebra, but at least I'm not a balding one anymore!

I'm contemplating buying the new Kerastase Elixir Oil to help nourish and protect the zoo animal. Have any of you tried this?

What hair products would you recommend?

x Jaybelle x

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