Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nails Inc Sprinkles Review

As you may know i love nail polish and so was just a little bit excited when i saw the new 'Sprinkles' collection from Nails Inc.

Described as - 'These brand new polishes deliver a unique Sprinkles effect using just one product. The glitter particles are mattified to give you the perfect amount of sparkle'.

I bought two of the four polishes - 

* Sweets Way (Pale bluey lavender with blue, coral/pink and silver glitter suspended).*

*Topping Lane (Pale pink with deep pink, purple and silver glitter suspended)*.

The best part about these is that the glitter doesn't sink to the bottom, and each coat slightly mattifies the layer below, making it look just like, well, Sprinkles!

The photo is when I place a thin layer of dark pink glitter over Sweet's Way, which made it slightly more pink under-toned. I think you could use a lot of different glitters/basecoats with this making it very versatile - and also me, VERY excited!

Suits you Sir!

x Jaybelle x

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